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What if you could have revenue in-hand before having to pay for the ads that generated it? Shopify gives advertisers new audiences to target. And Meta makes a big, hairy change and tells no one...again.

Happy Sunday! It has been a slow news week, but some super helpful tips and tools crossed the wire. So this week, we will lean into it and have a special Tips & Tools issue of Cache. Let's dive in.

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Parker is an all-in-one financial solution designed specifically for your ecommerce. Track your financial metrics, campaign profitability, and pay all business expenses with a card that can keep up with your growth. | via //

Parker's credit card offers 60-day, no-interest payment terms. With these terms, eCommerce operators could opt into 30-day terms with Meta and have a 90-day window to pay for their ads. For many retailers, that is enough time to get revenue (sometimes two transactions) in hand before the ad payment comes due, making scaling your campaign a little easier on the wallet.

Shopify Audiences

Find high-intent buyers, help your paid ads perform better, and decrease conversion costs. Use a shared audience network to generate potential customers with just a few clicks and help convert more sales. | via //

Shopify announced Shopify Audiences this week, giving marketers another honeypot of first-party audience data for ad targeting. Shopify says Audiences is rolling out for Shopify Pro stores beginning this week, but when checking for my clients, I got a 'coming soon' message.

If you have seen fluctuations in your Meta performance, I think we now know why. This is a significant change for Meta not to make any formal communication about it. Unfortunately, that is typical for Meta, whose advertiser relations are...lacking.

This is definitely worth a check if you are spending heavily on YouTube.

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