The Marketing Channel With A 100% Open Rate

The marketing channel your customers abs-solutely love. Tagging URL's is now much more helpful. And your brand's podcast might be more successful than you think.

The adage goes: there is only one marketing channel with a 100% open rate - packaging. But for many boutique brands, shipping & packaging is a big line item on their income statement.

Today I received three items from Abmat. Each item was accompanied by a product-specific, handwritten note thanking me for my purchase.

Kudos to Abmat for doing the work. It served as a reminder that personalization isn't always expensive.

📰 The News You Missed

Consumers prefer physical gift cards, despite digital growth

Physical gift cards are still preferred by slightly more than half (54%) of consumers, according to a new study from payments company Fiserv, despite the rise of digital cards. That's similar to data from a 2019 study which also showed physical gift cards were favored by both purchasers and receivers, although more of those giving than receiving had a preference for the tangible card. | via //

Does your brand have a podcast?

If so, you have probably struggled to define success in the now-crowded space. But don't get discouraged. Success is easier than you think.

Friend of Cache & Heard Media co-founder, Adam Vazquez, has the scoop:

For the first time in ~15 years, Google is adding new UTM parameters to Google Analytics 4

The new parameters are:

  • utm_source_platform
  • utm_creative_format
  • utm_marketing_tactic
With both manual tagging and auto-tagging, the parameters and parameter values appear as dimensions and dimension values in your reports and explorations and in the audience and segment builders. | via //

Sadly, these parameters are only supported in GA 4, which has a slow adoption rate among popular CMS's. But it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

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