Is Shopping Performance Tied To Shipping Performance?

Google expands Shopping with some new features. And Google Ads Liaison, Ginny Marvin, answers our biggest questions about Performance Max campaigns.

It was a quiet news week, with much of the world's attention justifiably on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In light of this devastating news, I wanted to share two small resources with you.

If you wish to support some Ukrainian companies:

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The Kyiv Independent
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📰 The News You Missed

Google Shopping to begin ranking ads based on shipping performance.

Google has begun alerting advertisers of its new “Shopping experience scorecard” program, designed to reward advertisers who have the best shipping performance.

According to Google, advertisers who fall short of the shipping expectations won't be penalized, but advertisers who exceed expectations will receive a boost in ranking. 🤔

The easiest way to verify these metrics for Google is to connect your Google Merchant Center account to a shipping signal partner, assuming you use one of those services.

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Google's Ads Liaison, Ginny Marvin, did a Q&A for the PPCChat Community

Q: Is there anything in the works for Performance Max that will address cannibalization or exclusions?

A: Yes: 1. For exclusions: Content exclusions are available and we will be introducing keyword exclusions at the account level to address brand safety concerns. Re cannibalization: In Search, when a query exactly matches (including spell corrected queries) an exact, phrase or broad match keyword within a Search campaign, that will be prioritized in serving over Performance Max. IOW, your Search keywords trump Performance Max.

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