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Show multiple copies of your product | Ariyh

A product seems more effective when it is shown along multiple copies of itself than when it is shown alone. This happens both when choosing to buy the product and when using it (e.g. people feel that the energy drink gives them more energy).
For example, as part of a series of 6 experiments:
371 people were asked to imagine they were shopping online for a natural energy shot. They perceived the energy shot as 10.7% more energetic when it was shown as 15 bottles (vs 1). Showing even just 2 bottles had similar results to showing 15
207 people were given either 1 or 6 Gatorade Energy Chews (energy gummies). Those who got 6, ate 1 and returned the rest. People that received the group of 6 gummies performed better in a word game afterward
Why it works
When we see multiple identical products together, we perceive them as a unified group.
The unified group feels more effective than the sum of its parts at getting the job done.
The same happens with groups of people. When we perceive people as being a part of a unified group (e.g. athletes, uniformed employees), we perceive them as more effective.

I would love to see product bundling folded into this study. I can only imagine seeing product multiples would do wonders for AOV, too.

BTW, Wrigley's nailed this back in 1986.